Located beneath the Tropic of Capricorn, this independent republic is surrounded by the deep blue sea, a huge turquoise lagoon and a protective barrier reef. Whereas the warm waters of the Ocean are home to an incredible variety of colourful sea creatures, the emerald green forests of the island host a myriad of rare bird species, exotic endemic plants and beautiful flowers.

Visitors will be intrigued by the stunning variety of colours, species, races, cultures and languages found in Mauritius.

It comes as no surprise, that Island history too, is very colourful; involving Europe’s greatest nations waging war over this tiny dot on the map, which was called, thanks to its strategic position, the “Star and Key” of the Indian Ocean. So the multitude of cultures and religions found on the island is the result of its tumultuous history, during which kings, queens and bishops played just about as big a role as did pirates, buccaneers, slaves and coolies.

With the heroes of the past long gone, Mauritius these days offers rather peaceful and relaxing attractions to its visitors. Independent- minded travellers might enjoy activities like hiking, biking, snorkelling, diving, horse-riding, canyoning or even sky-diving as well as guided tours to discover the nature- and culture-places of the island. A stay in a bed and breakfast will certainly be a great option to make the best out of your action-filled tropical island holiday!